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diyDSP Pedal KIT

DSP programmable pedal

USBi programmer kit


About assembly:

Based on Analog Devices DSP adau1452 with this pedal kit you can create a variety of effects algorithms, from reverbs, delays and modulations to pitch shifters, guitar synthesizers and multi-effects units. The pedal is programmed using the Sigma Studio software downloadable from the Analog Devices website (works only on Windows 7 and 10 64-bit). Programming takes place through a graphical interface that allows you to combine various blocks available to create your own audio algorithm and test it in real-time. The pedal connects to the PC via an external USBi interface included in the kit (optional). In addition, the pedal is equipped with an atmega328p microcontroller (supplied pre-programmed within the kit) that allows you to handle some functions including MIDI, pot, switch, dry and bypass.


- 8 potentiometers, 7 of which can be assigned and a dry / wet mix potentiometer

- 1 input for expression pedal (expression pedal not included)

- 2 assignable toggle switches

- 5 assignable LEDs

- 3 footswitches, 2 of which can be assigned and one for bypass

- 1 audio input

- 2 audio outputs

- MIDI input via TRS jack

- 9V DC power supply required at least 300mA, 400mA or more recommended

- analog DRY path

- electronic buffered bypass

The kit includes all the components needed to assemble and program the pedal. Some parts are optional, for example the USBi adapter can also be purchased from other retailers, or in the case of purchasing multiple diyDSP Pedals only one adapter is required.

The kit does not include the cable to create the internal connections, knobs, graphics for the 1590XX box and other accessories.

Also not included is the USB-miniUSB cable to connect the USB interface to the PC, sold separately.

Recommended Knobs: Any knob with a diameter of 20mm or less.

The kit consists of two boards: the DSP board with all pre-assembled SMT components and a board to be assembled with various components. The two boards are then mounted on top of each other. The DSP card only needs the assembly of various THT connectors and eeprom memory in THT package.

All components included in the kit are for hole mounting (THT) to make assembly easier. The only SMT components are optional and concern:

- additional SRAM memory to have delay times greater than 800ms

- ferrite beads as indicated by MIDI specifications

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