Q) What's included inside the kit?

A) Kit includes all parts needed for that build. So you get PCB, all the electronic parts to populate the PCB, potentiometers, jacks, footswitch etc. Electrical cable for internal wiring is not included. Battery connector for battery operation of guitar pedals is not included.

Q) What else do i need to build a finished guitar pedal or other device?

A) You need enclosure (can be selected from kit page, pre-drilled versions are available too), electrical wiring cable (for internal connections), knobs, enclosure rubber feet if needed and decal paper to print your graphic and make a cool thing!

Q) Where can i find building instructions?

A) Except for some kit, we don't have a step-by-step guide, but we include all the informations needed to build a kit (datasheet, wiring diagrams etc.). Specific instructions can be found on each product page.