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Digital Delay 2.5 KIT

Digital Delay 2.5 PCB with optional Tap Tempo

More details

  • NO
  • YES, with blinking LED
  • YES, with doubling switch
  • No Enclosure
  • 125B
  • 125B pre-drilled
  • 1590BB
  • 1590BB pre-drilled

Product From (qty) Discount
Digital Delay 2.5 KIT 8 -30%
Digital Delay 2.5 KIT 6 -20%
Digital Delay 2.5 KIT 4 -15%
Digital Delay 2.5 KIT 3 -10%
Digital Delay 2.5 KIT 2 -5%


Tap tempo is available as an option, it adds a footswitch and a toogle switch for half tempo or blinking LED depending on the version you choose. Check datasheet for more info about tap tempo.

Tap Tempo option is not available for 125B enclosure

PCB size: 49 x 56 mm

Suitable enclosures: 125B, 1590BB

What's inside the kit:

  • TS and TRS jacks
  • DC jack (2.5mm - panel mounting - isolated)
  • 3PDT footswitch
  • led 5mm Bright Red + plastic LED holder
  • PCB and all the electronic components needed to get a full working effect


What you won't find inside the kit:

  • knobs
  • electrical wire
  • rubber feet
  • 9V battery clip

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