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Spring Reverb II PCBA

PCB with pre-assembled SMT parts



New version of the Spring Reverb II effect. 


- spring reverb with internal Accoutronics tank

- possibility to connect an external tank that bypasses the internal one when inserted

- Reverb, Rate and Depth controls for modulation

- Switch to select reverb and modulation in series or parallel

- Possibility to assemble it with true-bypass* or buffer-bypass** via momentary switch 



- Modulation Rate

- Modulation Depth

- Series/Parallel Switches

* True-bypass uses a normal 9-pin latching footswitch.

** Buffer-bypass uses a momentary clickless switch to drive an SPDT relay.  The relay deactivates the effect and maintains the reverb tail when bypassed. The dry signal passes through two buffers powered by dual voltage at +-9V.

Maximum power consumption: 60mA for the version with relay

The PCBA boards come with all SMT (surface-mount technology) components pre-assembled as shown in the photo and require only a few components to complete the finished pedal. The board does not require assembly of SMT parts.

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PCB mounted
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