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Noise Gate PCBA

MXR Noise Gate Replica.
Pre-assembled PCB.



The board included in this kit uses Surface Mount Technology (SMT) components already soldered onto the PCB, as shown in the photos. This type of card allows for much faster assembly, minimizing the chances of error or accidentally damaging the board.

MXR(TM) Noise Gate replica with GATE, ATTACK, and RELEASE controls.

Components needed to complete the pedal:

- PCB mount potentiometers 16mm B5K, B250K, A500K

- 2N5952 JFET transistor or equivalent

- Zener diode 5.1V

- Resistor for LED value 3.9K or similar

- 3PDT Footswitch

- 6.35mm IN & OUT audio jacks

- 2.1mm power jack

- LED + bezel to indicate bypass status

- Electrical cable for internal connections

- 125B-type aluminum enclosure

PCBA boards come with all SMT (surface mount) components pre-assembled as shown in the photo and require only a few additional components to complete the finished pedal.

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