69 Fuzz KIT
  • 69 Fuzz KIT

69 Fuzz KIT


Fulltone (TM) 69 Fuzz Replica

GERMANIUM based fuzz



69 Fuzz has similar circuit to Fulltone (TM) 69 Fuzz, Fuzz Face (TM) and many others sixties derived fuzz pedals. It comes with 3 controls CONTOUR, FUZZ, VOL, if you don't feel the need for CONTOUR pot you can omit it by jumpering its pads.

69 Fuzz is based upon AC128 germanium transistors. We accurately hand select them with the help of a semiconductor tester which can measure germanium transistors hfe keeping in account leaking currents.

9V battery connector is included inside the kit but you can connect our 69 Fuzz together with any other standard negative-center power supply pedals without any issue.

What's inside the kit:

  • TS and TRS jacks
  • DC jack (2.1mm - panel mounting - isolated)
  • 3PDT footswitch
  • led 5mm Bright Red + plastic LED holder
  • adhesive spacers
  • PCB and all the electronic components needed to get a full working effect
  • 9V battery clip


What you won't find inside the kit:

  • knobs
  • electrical wire
  • rubber feet



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69 Fuzz KIT

69 Fuzz KIT

Fulltone (TM) 69 Fuzz Replica

GERMANIUM based fuzz

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