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T-Screamer TS9 TS808 PCB

Ibanez (TM) Tube Screamer (TM) Replica.

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Product From (qty) Discount
T-Screamer TS9 TS808 PCB 10 -40%
T-Screamer TS9 TS808 PCB 5 -25%
T-Screamer TS9 TS808 PCB 3 -15%

With this kit you can build TS9 or TS808 simply by changing a couple resistors in the output stage

Potentiometers can be mounted directly on pcb, no adhesive spacers are needed to support the pcb, check docomentation for more info

Check docs for mods and building info



Guitar Effects Wiring Guide

Potentiometers PCB mounting info

T-Screamer datasheet (BLUE PCB)

t-screamer-125b-bass-rotary ODG

t-screamer-1590bb-bass-rotar ODG

t-screamer-125b-bass-rotary PDF

t-screamer-1590bb-bass-rotar PDF

t-screamer-125b-bass-toggle ODG

t-screamer-125b-bass-toggle PDF


PCB size: 52 x 35 mm

Suitable enclosures: 1590B, 125B, 1590BB

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