PT2399 Tap Tempo KIT Maximize

PT2399 Tap Tempo KIT

Tap tempo function for Digital Delay 2.5 and  PT2399 based delay pedal.

More details

  • Doubling switch function
  • Blinking LED function

Product From (qty) Discount
PT2399 Tap Tempo KIT 8 -30%
PT2399 Tap Tempo KIT 6 -20%
PT2399 Tap Tempo KIT 4 -15%
PT2399 Tap Tempo KIT 3 -10%
PT2399 Tap Tempo KIT 2 -5%

Firmware types:

Doubling switch function: this version uses a toggle switch. When the switch is set, the tapped time will be halved. Tapping 100ms will result in 50ms. 

Blinking LED function: this version uses a LED which blinks in sync with delayed signal. It works both when tapping than with setting the delay through the analog potentiometer.

What's inside the KIT:

- PCB and all the electronic components needed to get a full working effect

What you won't find inside the kit:

- knobs
- connecting wire

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