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Deluxe Delay KIT

Deluxe Memory Man (TM) Replica

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  • No Enclosure
  • 1590BB
  • 1590BB pre-drilled

Product From (qty) Discount
Deluxe Delay KIT 8 -30%
Deluxe Delay KIT 6 -20%
Deluxe Delay KIT 4 -15%
Deluxe Delay KIT 3 -10%
Deluxe Delay KIT 2 -5%

Deluxe Memory Man Replica based upon V3205 bbd chip. Standard 9V DC supply. SPEED control added to modulation section.

Potentiometers can be mounted directly on pcb, no adhesive spacers are needed to support the pcb, check downloadable docs for more info

Suitable enclosure: 1590BB

What's inside the kit:

  • TS and TRS jacks
  • DC jack (2.1mm - external panel mounting - isolated)
  • 3PDT footswitch
  • 3  plastic LED holders
  • PCB and all the electronic components needed to get a full working effect


What you won't find inside the kit:

  • knobs
  • electrical wire
  • rubber feet
  • 9V battery clip


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