Spring Reverb KIT Maximize

Spring Reverb KIT

  • AMC2BF3 Blue Reverb
  • No tank
  • Noiseless Relay Switch
  • Standard 3PDT Switch
  • No switch
  • No Enclosure
  • 1590XX
  • 1590XX pre-drilled

23,07 €

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Spring Reverb KIT 8 -30%
Spring Reverb KIT 6 -20%
Spring Reverb KIT 4 -15%
Spring Reverb KIT 3 -10%
Spring Reverb KIT 2 -5%

What's inside the kit:

- all parts needed to build a full working effect

- Accutronics Blue Reverb AMC2BF3 tank  

- Relay switching KIT for silent true-bypass switching

- 4 jacks 6.3mm TS N.C. for standard IN and OUT and auxiliary IN and OUT to connect an external spring tank


What's not inside the kit:

- knobs

- electrical wire

- rubber feet

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