Blend Board KIT Maximize

Blend Board KIT

  • Internal
  • External
  • No Enclosure
  • 125B
  • 125B pre-drilled

Product From (qty) Discount
Blend Board KIT 8 -30%
Blend Board KIT 6 -20%
Blend Board KIT 4 -15%
Blend Board KIT 3 -10%
Blend Board KIT 2 -5%

The Blend Board is ideal for mixing an input signal with any kind of effect. It works by sending the input to the effect and returning the processed signal to the Blend Board for mixing with the original input signal. It's possible to have the last stage to behave like a  booster by replacing a resistor (included with the kit). The booster stage is useful when volume drop from blending stage occurs. With some kind of effects the volume control could be avoided.

This kit can be purchased in 2 different types depending if you want to build it inside a pedal or externally in its own enclosure:

Internal: it only includes PCB, components.

External: it includes PCB, components, 4 audio jack, jack DC, footswitch, LED+resistor.

The pre-drilled enclosure is drilled with holes for both BLEND and VOLUME.



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