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RD Compressor KIT

RD Compressor is Ross Compressor(TM) and Dynacomp(TM) sharing the same PCB.

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  • No Enclosure
  • 125B
  • 125B pre-drilled
  • 1590BB
  • 1590BB pre-drilled

Product From (qty) Discount
RD Compressor KIT 8 -30%
RD Compressor KIT 6 -20%
RD Compressor KIT 4 -15%
RD Compressor KIT 3 -10%
RD Compressor KIT 2 -5%

RD Compressor is Ross Compressor and Dynacomp sharing the same PCB, they are very similar and you can pick-up which one you prefer to build.

Latest version of the circuit includes an optional "Attack" control through toggle switch. 

What's inside the kit:

  • TS and TRS jacks
  • DC jack (2.5mm - panel mounting - isolated)
  • 3PDT footswitch
  • led 5mm Bright Red + plastic LED holder
  • PCB and all the electronic components needed to get a full working effect

What you won't find inside the kit:

  • knobs
  • electrical wire
  • rubber feet
  • 9V battery clip



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