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Spring Reverb II KIT

Spring reverb with modulation

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  • YES
  • NO
  • AMC2BF3 Blue Reverb
  • No tank
  • Noiseless Relay Switch
  • Standard 3PDT Switch
  • No switch
  • No Enclosure
  • 1590XX
  • 1590XX pre-drilled

Product From (qty) Discount
Spring Reverb II KIT 8 -30%
Spring Reverb II KIT 6 -20%
Spring Reverb II KIT 4 -15%
Spring Reverb II KIT 3 -10%
Spring Reverb II KIT 2 -5%

Spring Reverb II is a real spring reverb based upon Accutronics Blue Reverb tank. It has 3 controls for Reverb level plus Rate and Depth controls for modulation. It is equipped with auxiliary IN and OUT for connecting an external tank too. Bypass is accomplished with relay switching through a soft footswitch allowing for best noise-free switching. 

What's inside the kit:

- all the electronic parts needed with PCB

- 2 Jack TS, 1 jack DC

Spring Reverb Tank option adds the internal Accutronics Blue Reverb Tank

Switching option adds the desired switching type (see datasheet for more information)

Enclosure option adds the bare enclosure or pre-drilled enclosure (drilling is done accordingly to the selected options, for example if "No Switch" in "Switching" option  is selected the drilling will not include footswitch hole)

Auxiliary option adds 2 Jack TS for connecting an external tank.

What's not inside the kit:

- knobs

- electrical wire

- rubber feet

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